Collaboration with Tom Trimmins


Following a visit to Tom Trimmins’ workshop in the summer, we worked together on ideas for new ways to present porcelain Flows. Tom works out of a shipping container at a city farm in Islington, London, and he sources woods from north London timber yards. He is passionate and enthusiastic about wood and all it’s possibilities, as I learnt when he showed me some of his experiments and developments. Tom’s courses are highly recommended and he is working on a book, as well as exhibiting his own Loop collection at London Design Fair. I am really grateful that he has taken the time to develop these three frames…


An ash box frame with Japanese-inspired joints for a terracotta Flow.


An oval steam-bent walnut frame for a two-tone grey/green porcelain Flow.


A round scrubbed, scorched and steam-bent oak frame for a natural porcelain Flow.


To find out more about Tom visit:

Fenella Elms