Large Scale

DESCRIPTION: Large fired porcelain beads are built directly onto board to make a lively, up-scaled Flow.

IDEAL SETTING: Big indoor spaces where the work can be seen from close to more than 10m away and still alter with light and angle of view.

NOT SUITABLE: For outside or for work under 60cms.

SIZING: up to 300cms or an installation of multiple works.

PRESENTATION: Flows on board do not require covering for protection and can be finished with frame or border of your choice.

SHIPPING: Flows on board are robust and so easy to ship - in a crate - and will not crack or snap or break with dropping.

Flow on board - Costed by area of porcelain Flow, from £9,000 per sq. metre + VAT.

Colour beads are an extra £500.00 per sq. metre.
Two tone beads are an extra £1,000.00 per sq. metre.
Soft Wood Frames - painted or stained, included in the price.
Metal and specialist frames are costed separately.
Border - to prepare a border of any width is an extra £550.
(Borders can be made from leather, wood, metal, linen; we shall help you source or work with your supply.)

Round and oval Flows - including a metal frame of choice, 3 or 5mm thick and 3 or 5cms deep, £10,500 per sq. metre +VAT.
A round area is more tricky to cost so we have some examples here (let us know if you need help with an oval area):

60cms diameter circle £2,968.00
70cms diameter circle £4,040.00
80cms diameter circle £5,277.00
90cms diameter circle £6,680.00
100cms diameter circle £8,247.00
110cms diameter circle £9,978.00
120cms diameter circle £11,875.00
150cms diameter circle £18,555.00
200cms diameter circle £32,990.00



Small Scale

A compact Flow with detail in the surface, on a wavering and delicate porcelain under-sheet.

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Large Scale


An up-scaled Flow for drama in a big space; altering in pattern and responding to light from different angles in the room.

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Cast from hand-built Flows, for repetition in many rooms, for coverage over a large wall or for external use.

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