We are contacted by lots of students at all levels requesting information, usually for essays and presentations; also for tips on how to get started.  The pathway into ceramics is not easy; the choice of courses is increasingly limited and stepping on from formal education into making requires bravery and persistence.  Hot Courses is a website for searching courses and they have interviewed me from the point of view of how to get started. Read the full interview.

Although students copy work, it is to learn from the process; to understand what is most interesting and develop that potential into new ideas to carry forward into new work.  Here are some examples of students playing with Flow.

Toni de Jesus (hole-punched card)
Sophie Everall (discs of clay)
Tania De Souza (buttons)


I was really delighted when Naama Paul got in touch from Jerusalem with photos of her graduation show; she kindly wanted to thank me and show what she had created after looking at my sculptures and those of Matthew Chambers.  It is really stunning to see such a successful evolution of ideas.

Naama Paul, work from MA graduation show

Naama Paul, work from MA graduation show

Fenella Elms