From Where I'm Standing


Sarah Purvey, ceramicist, together with Sophie Cummings, curator at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, had a wonderful idea.  They asked 10 ceramics artists to take a good look at the, largely 20th century, art collection of the museum and make some new work in response.  An exhibition was arranged of the new ceramics alongside the chosen work from the museum.  This is the most innovative and enjoyable exhibition that I have taken part in and has attracted a lot of interest; encouraging a fresh look at the Swindon collection, challenging the ceramics artists to push our regular practice and raise our making for museum exhibition.  Other artists, poets, students and museum visitors are, in turn, responding to the exhibition in spin-off projects and talks and the exhibition has been extended to February 4th 2017.  Contributing ceramics artists are Sarah Purvey, Joanna Still, Keith Varney, Sasha Wardell, Claire Loder, Jo Taylor, Mary-Jane Evans, Patrica Volk and Peter Hayes.

Fenella Elms