Multiples - Cast Flows


Cast Stone Flows

Panels of Flow are cast to order in any colour or in a stone aggregate with Jesmonite and are reinforced with fibre-glass for strength.


It is possible to have a bespoke master Flow made for casting (though this will incur significant extra expense); please discuss your requirements.

We currently have two available designs:

STREAM - a long panel with a limited edition of 50.  
This panel is 152 x 54cms and has an integral frame in the cast so can be left unframed.

SWELL - this panel has a continual pattern when repeat-mounted. 
Size is 116 x 105cms, or it can be cut to a specified size. This panel has no cast frame so requires either framing or setting into the surface of the wall.


Metal sheen - By mixing metal into the Jesmonite and polishing back afterwards, the Flow can be given a metallic appearance.  

Stone - ground stone aggregates are mixed in to give Jesmonite a stone finish. By etching the cast, it is possible to make the aggregates stand out and give a rougher, more stoney appearance.

Colour - colour is mixed into the Jesmonite and can be matched to your specification.






Complete panel

This panel can be wall-mounted any way round.



Any colour or stone is possible (natural stone is shown here).

Stream -integral frame.jpg

Integral Frame

Stream can be left unframed or a frame in metal/wood can be build around the cast.



Swell - entire panel.jpg

Entire panel

Slightly off square, Swell can be mounted any way round. (Shown in white marble).


Repeat mounting

If all panels are mounted the same way round, the Flowing pattern continues across the wall.  Shown here tightly mounted together, they can also be mounted with a shadow gap.

Swell-open edge.jpg

Open Edge

In order for the Flow pattern to continue, the panel does not have an integral frame border.  For a neat finish, the panel can be framed with wood/metal or sunk into the wall surface. 





Some of the tests have been half etched to show the difference between a smooth and rough surface.

Finishes-metal sheen.jpg

Metal sheen

The cast is polished to give a smooth surface and reveal the metal in the mix.



Stone aggregates are added to the Jesmonite mix.