Multiples - Cast Flows

Cast Flow

Jesmonite is an acrylic based cement which can be stained and mixed with aggregates and metals to look like stone and metals.  The cast Flow is one solid mass with some in-fill between the beads to give the cast strength and allow the moulding to come free.  It is less interesting up close but gives a very lively Flow in a room or open space.


The size, shape and design of the Flow depends on the original Flow that the mould has been made from.  We have some moulds already in use or a new Flow can be built to your specifications.  It is also possible to cut down Jesmonite casts.  
We have one design for interlocking panels to provide cover over a wall.
Individual Flow casts can be framed after casting or included in the original Flow and be cast in Jesmonite, as part of the cast Flow panel.


Metal - By mixing metal into the cement and polishing back afterwards, the Flow can be given a metallic appearance.  Any metal is possible.

Stone - ground stone aggregates are mixed in to give Jesmonite a stone finish.  By etching the cast, it is possible to make the aggregates stand out and give a rougher, more stone appearance.